The travel to attend HK fair of Umiss team

2016-12-19 11:37:31

Our company got the opportunity to attend the HK fair on Oct. We  have a booth at the Global Sources Gifts & Premiums Show from Oct.18th to Oct.21st, our booth no. is 2Q32, the exhibition site is near the HK international airport.We are so exciting about all of that and prepared all we needed before we set out.

We started on 17th Oct,our CEO Tony,sales manager Bella and me. Traveled by the high-speed rail from Xiamen to Shenzhen.And by bus from Shenzhen to HongKong airport.We took almost eight hours to reach the our destination Expo.Still,exhibition arrangement took 6 hours to be done. Finally, we finished all of prepared work.

All of us were exhausted and hungry. However we were so happy that we have created an art of work. Our exhibition were so pretty. When we took our baggage to the hotel. It was nearly 12 o'clock at night. That was a fulfilling day. "Tomorrow would be a harvest day." we all believed that.

Normally, we were waiting our customer come to our exhibition and request quotation from us.

The next day 18th Oct. We were waiting for our customers to visit our exhibitions and surprised by our gorgeous products.

As you can see, the top level our paper honeycomb balls are speacial as they are made by 140 gsm thick paper material. We did attract customers to visit our exhibition.

The British customer asked our sales manager of details of paper fans and exchange their name card. Our CEO Tony quoted for Japen customers and discuss all the possibilities of produce paper decoration. We are talked about paper fans set of 6. Our customer are satisfied with what he got from us.

Unfortunately, we met typhoon “Haima”the third day in HongKong. That was disappointment as we were going to meet more of our customers. And the last day, the Global Sourse had closed the Expo for safety. The rain was so heavy. We were trapped in hotel all the day and can't go anywhere till the night.

Anyway, we had a speacial journey although we didn't go smoothly. Our team have increased to a new level as we exprenced this speacial HK fair. We have gained a lot from this trip. And we all know our company will have a brighter future as we are never stop learning.


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