Brandnew Office! Brandnew Factory Plant! Umiss Paper Is Great!

2016-12-20 09:16:39

Umiss is one of the most professional decorative paper products manufacturer,The day of December,1th,2016 means a lot to Umiss. There are two great changes. One is a brandnew office with the new members, the others is the brandnew factory. I think the changes will make a big difference to Umiss.

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Here are which I’d like to share with all of you.

Our factory moved to a better place. As it is surrounded by trees, the environment is greater than before. Our new building has three floors, including 3500 square meters which is large enough for our new work. The first floor and second floor are used to produce product as workshop.

Welcome to visit our factory, we have a very high output and adequate stock.

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We have our own machines to subsidiary produce our paper products. And you can see our workers work on it. Our main products are paper honeycomb balls, paper fans, paper garlands and paper pom poms. And our products can be designed in large size as the customers command.Our paper products can be folded in a small volume. You can unfold it when you need to decorate paper decorations. Our company specializing in the production of high quality paper products.

There are about 50 experienced workers to produce products. Moreover, we have a special inspection personnel to ensure high quality of products.

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The third floor of the building is our office which is warm and sweet. Our CEO Tony bought many plants in everywhere and presented each of us a small tree. I believe that a better environment will make us more efficient. The picture below are the Members of the ministry of foreign trade.We definitely will have so much passion on our work.

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Umiss has a great new look , that will bring great future. Looking forward to the cooperation between us, we are ready to establish business relationship with you!

To make Umiss Paper stands out among hundreds of suppliers, we dedicate ourselves in developing new trendy designs with first-class quality. We continuously conduct market researches to get inspired. Meet our new designs, check more

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