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Hello, everyone! This is Bella from Umiss Paper. I'm the sales manager leading our foreign trade sales department. I have been a foreign trade sales since my graduation from Fuzhou University since 2012. I used to work in companies exporting garden and home arts & crafts, LED lighting bulbs, and garments. We are not just selling products to our clients, we are also a problem solver. I help my clients to source the products they need from many a suppliers, find good products at good prices. Be cautious to every details, minimize the cost and maxmize the benefits for both the company I worked for and my clients. Umiss paper is a new corporation, our boss Mr. Tony Xie and our sales team is a group of young people at their 20s'. But we are energetic, ambitious and creative. We know product quality, our services and innovative design matter. We will do our best to fulfill the expectations by our clients.

--Bella Wang (

I am Mary-Leo on behalf of Umiss Paper team as a warm family. We will devote ourself to the demanding of paper Art & Craft. Growing up with  buyers makes me happy. Feel free to contact me with any questions, Mary-Leo  will be your good partner.

--Mary Leo (

Hi! Welcome to Umiss Paper Art & Craft Co. Ltd . I'm Annie, a totally novice in foreign trade. But I'm really interested and passionate about my job.I will keep learning and be competent for this job.Please contact me with no hesitation!We can provide high-quality paper products and best service for you. Hope we can get to know each other and become good friends!

--Annie (

I am Jack Lee from Xiamen Umiss Manufacturing And Trading Co., Ltd. Sales representative of our sales department. I am energetic, persistent and optimistic. When Im at work, I always put all my devotion to it. From many years of my work experiences, I have learned that, always positive about everything happened to you. As I have communicated a lot with my customers, I know exactly what my customer want. Treat others as how you want them to treat you. Ask what I can do for my customers not what I want from my clients. Also enjoy the process when we go on and have a good business relationship. Doing my best to serve our clients. Also great opinion I want to share: the most important quality is honesty. I have benefited from this great personality a lot. Please feel free to contact me if you want to know more of our products. Thank you!

--Jack lee (

Hello, my name is Steve Liu, 23 years old. I just graduated from Quanzhou Normal University this year, my major was International Economic and Trade.  I am a very outgoing person who loves to help others and enjoy the companionship by my peers. I my spare time, I like to play footable, listen to pop music and surf the internet. Although I'm a freshman in jobs, I am eager to be an excellent sales person and serve my clients well. I learnt three principals in Umiss Paper. Number one, quality is our culture. Second, customer is always the first. And thirdly, win-win situation is the secret to build a long-term business relationship with our clients. I still have much to learn and I am open to learn new things. I'm very happy to join Umiss sales teams. If you want to know more about me, about us, about our paper products, please email me directly!

--Steve Liu (

Hello,my name is Melody Lu , married, have a lovely little son. I have been a Japanese translator in a Japanese company for 6 years since I graduated from university . When my son was born , I quit my job and been a stay-at-home mother taking care of my baby and expecting  when I can go back to work . One year passed by , and fortunately , I find a new job which I'm very interested in . Now I'm a sales from ZhangZhou UMISS Paper Art & Craft Co ., LTD. This is a new starting point of my life , and also be the challenge of my career . I love to do the job which can communicate with the clients with the foreign languages , to find the products what the clients need and offer them with the best quantity at good price . I can treat my clients very carefully , thoughtfully with patience , just like a mother to her baby , though I'm not that old . Oh , you what to know old I am ? Shh , it's a secret !

--Melody Lu (

Hello, my name is Alice. I am 23 years old.I am a sales representative from Umiss Manufacturing and Trading Co.,Ltd. It is my great honor to join this nice team..I like my colleagues very much, I am glad to work together with them. I major in International Economic and Trade in school,and I like this job, and I'm sure that when you do what you like ,you will try your best to it well. In my opinion, I think to be a good employee including three elements. Firstly,like this job. Secondly, like this company. Last but no least, to word hard. I think I already have had two point. And the latest I just try to wok hard. As a freshman in jobs, I believe life is a process of learning and progress. I am trying to leaning to make progress. In my free time , I am interested in photography, travel, and movies. I also like making friends, welcome to contact me at any time. I will glad for your contacting and Id love to provide my services.

--Alice Xu (

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